images numériques/toutes dimensions et formats possibles/2012
Images de paysages réalisées "sur le motif" à l'aide d'un scanner.
"Du virtuel" non pas comme un essai qui traiterait du sujet mais comme on dirait du chocolat ou du charbon. Le virtuel est du défini rendu indéfini. Un paysage qui devient du paysage.

Scanning the World gathers a series of digital landscape views, “captured” on the spot, with the help of a scanner. The resulting images resemble abstract paintings, in the style of Mark Rothko or Gerhard Richter, superimposing blurred layers of colour, among which one can make out a skyline. Through the process, the landscapes are digitally compressed, simplified, and polished down to their bare information, resulting in a kind of average of these natural views. Alexandre Giroux reinterprets this technological reproduction device by using it as a primitive camera and in doing so, he treats the landscape as a document. In his work, the artist often explores ways of representing the world, a problematic issue in today’s mass-media era. By questioning savoir-faire and knowledge as pre-existing notions in our apprehension of reality, he appropriates the mechanics of generating a representation, i.e. translating data. In his objects, photographs and videos, he breaks down standard codes of apprehending the world, through the use of puns, absurd rationalisation processes and subtle forms of experimentation, often coupled with a wry sense of humour.
Hanna Alkema

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